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The Tiada.Guru Campaign began in 2018. We are a Sabah-based campaign of grassroots MOE teacher whistleblowers, parents, students, and activists. We support the High Court litigation by four young Sabahan Plaintiffs vs. a claimed months-absent teacher, his principal, the district and state education departments, the Ministry of Education, and the Federal Government.

This campaign is not associated with any political party, politician, nor political candidate.

Our campaign has no intention but to awaken Malaysians to rise for clean education so that no more students and teachers become victims. The Tiada.Guru campaign has three major justice-first and exposure-first priorities:

Priority #1

Ensuring independent, transparent, and expedient justice at the High Court civil suit through continuous grassroots attention and context-building of 1) Sabah, 2) the High Court litigation cases, 3) the Ministry of Education, and 4) the institutions that should be disciplining and/or investigating the Ministry of Education.

Priority #2

Ensuring all alleged criminal conduct by Ministry of Education officers in these cases are investigated and, if found, fully prosecuted—no double-standards for senior public servants.

Priority #3

Ensuring the voices of victimized students & former students, whistleblowing teachers, and grassroots allies overpower the propaganda of turn-the-lights-off politicians and all enforcement agencies under the Executive Branch.

To learn more, please read the launch statement of the Tiada.Guru Campaign.

The Launch of the Tiada.Guru Campaign: Malaysia Rises for Clean Education — Tiada.Guru
Tiada.Guru Introduces Justice Campaign for 21-Year-Old Sabahan Plaintiff Already 3x Victorious Over Federal Government in High Court

In October 2018, our Campaign was named "Tiada.Guru" as Siti Nafirah binti Siman, an 18 -year -old girl from Kota Belud, Sabah, filed a public litigation case at High Court of Sabah: her suit is against seven Defendants from the teacher to the Federal Government. Her Statement of Claim details the 2015 case of a teacher refusing to enter his class for seven months. This case is believed to have been hidden by the Ministry of Education despite various complaints and reports, according to her Statement of Claim.

The High Court Cases — Tiada.Guru
Read from leading Malaysian and international journalists as they cover 18-year-old Siti Nafirah’s landmark High Court public interest case against extreme teacher absenteeism. It is time for justice.

In December 2020, three more Kota Belud girls from the same school—Rusiah binti Sabdarin, Natasha Allisya binti Hamali, and Calvina binti Angayung—became the 2020 High Court Plaintiffs by filing a second suit against the same party on extremely similar claims. The only difference? The same teacher was allegedly absent for months, again in 2017 — two years after Siti Nafirah's case in 2015!

Siti Nafirah (2018 Plaintiff), Rusiah (2020 Plaintiff), Natasha (2020 Plaintiff), and Calvina (2020 Plaintiff) are not backing down. Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime journey for a fight on the right to a quality education.

The Campaign in the News

Articles, Interviews, or Programes by the Tiada.Guru Campaign

‘Kids not guinea pigs’: don’t cover up corruption in education system, say activists
Tiada.Guru campaign backers say whistle-blowers who speak up on wrongdoing should be given protection
‘Play active roles in ending ‘corruption’ in education system’ | New Straits Times
KOTA KINABALU: People need to speak up and show their solidarity with whistleblowers to end the corrupt practices in the education sector.
Group calls for independent probe on Education Ministry’s alleged negligence
This is after the ministry failed to file its defence in a lawsuit, 155 days and counting.
‘Tiada Guru’ aims to shatter silence, impunity around Sabah’s truant teachers
Students, parents and teachers launch campaign to pressure Putrajaya to address extreme teacher absenteeism.
Absent teachers a necessary conversation - Aliran
A study by Khazanah Research Institute found that despite going to school for an average of 12 years, Malaysian students receive only nine years worth of meaningful education. Does the problem of extreme teacher absenteeism contribute to this? Astro Awani’s Melisa Idris and Sharaad Kuttan speak to c…
This Petition Wants Criminal Action To Be Taken Against The UM Lecturer Accused Of Sexual Assault
Recently, the police dropped their case against a lecturer from the University of Malaya (UM) who allegedly sexually harassed a female student last year. The victim received a notice from authorities which stated that due to the lack of other witnesses and conclusive testimony, they would not be pre…
Petition Seeks Criminal Action Against UM Lecturer After Sexual Harassment Case Dropped
It demands that the police case against the associate professor must be re-opened immediately.
Kes guru yang ponteng sepanjang tahun, ini perkembangan terkini kes saman terhadapnya
Nafirah Siman, bekas pelajar tingkatan 4 yang pernah tular pada 2018 kerana tindakannya saman guru masih lagi berjuang untuk isu ini.

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